AML Factory

AML Factory

Charlotte Gaudin, CEO

“To provide services to their merchants, Marketplaces need to facilitate their relationships with their PSP. The partnership between Marjory & AML Factory would help them to optimise and manage their regulatory obligations in terms of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter the Terrorism Financing”

AML Factory aims to facilitate and optimise all regulatory obligations in the area of AML/CTF. It notably allows to constitute in real time merchants’ KYCs to accelerate their validation by Marketplaces’ PSP and help them to maintain these KYCs all along their business relationships (updates, renewal, follow-up, etc.)

With its Marjory connector, AML Factory helps Marketplaces being compliant with anti money laundering laws.

Benefit 1: KYCs in real time

AML Factory

Constitution and Management of KYCs in real time and on a based-risk approach to facilitate and optimize the onboarding process and at a cost significantly less expensive than any other market’s provider

Benefit 2: Alerts

AML Factory

Centralization and management of alerts to protect the entity

Benefit 3: Management of regulatory obligations

AML Factory

A compliance as a service solution to facilitate the management of regulatory obligations

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