Stop Struggling with Fragmented Data, Start Unifying Your Retail Solutions

Today’s competitive retail landscape demands a holistic view of your customer. But fragmented data trapped in siloed systems like CRM, ERP, and marketing platforms hinders your ability to create personalized experiences. Marjory bridges the gap, empowering you to integrate data across your entire retail ecosystem.

Unify Your Retail Ecosystem

Deliver Seamless Omnichannel Experiences

Consolidate information from CRM, loyalty programs, purchase history, and social media. Gain a 360-degree view to personalize marketing campaigns and deliver exceptional customer journeys.

Gain End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Connect procurement, warehousing, and logistics systems for real-time visibility into your entire supply chain. Reduce stock outs, delays, and optimize inventory management.

Proactive Inventory Management



Monitor stock levels across, eliminating blind spots and preventing stockouts. Set up automated alerts based on pre-defined thresholds for key inventory items.

Overcome Retail Data Challenges with

Marjory iPaaS & Data Integration Solution

Integrate your data easily with pre-built connectors

Connect your e-commerce platforms like Shopify, supply chain solutions like NetSuite, and CRM & marketing solutions like Sage, Mailchimp with our pre-built connectors. This ensures you have a unified view of customer, product, and sales order data, enabling consistent experiences across channels.

Break free from data silos

Marjory eliminates the problem of fragmented data trapped in isolated systems by acting as a single, user-friendly data integration platform. The user-friendly interface simplifies the process of connecting all your retail solutions, regardless of technical expertise.

Monitor all your data flows

Our built-in data monitoring features continuously track data flows, identifying potential issues like errors, inconsistencies, or disruptions. This allows you to proactively address problems before they impact your operations or customer experience.

Real-time reporting & analytics insights

Monitor your data pipelines, and identify any potential issues or delays in data flow. This allows you to react quickly and proactively to maintain data integrity and optimize performance. Marjory manages alerting and data integration logs, with detailed indexing for easy search and troubleshooting. This empowers you to pinpoint the root cause of any issues and resolve them efficiently.

In tune with your evolution

As your ecosystem evolves, Marjory ensures your data integration systems can handle the ever-increasing data demands. Marjory ingests and processes data from a wide range of sources, ensuring smooth integration even as your customer base expands.

Ready to Break Down Data Silos and Build Unified Retail Success?

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