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Discover Marjory solution

Create, Automate and improve your marketplace’s processes with the Marjory platform. Switch from your vision to execution by creating your own processes such as the sellers onboarding, quotes management or payment terms. All while benefiting from the recommendations of our marketplace expert consultants.

Automate your Marketplace and 
integrate your tools and services 

I scope my marketplace project.

The business process editor makes easier the transition from the concept to its execution. Design your vision with workflows to make executable actions.

I automate my marketplace with workflows.

With the technical process editor, orchestrate your information system, tools and services and user actions.

I integrate my tools and services.

Connect your external tools and services directly in Marjory's product. Integrate them in workflows to automate their intervention.

I analyse and optimize

View the past and current executions. Identify technical and functional improvements.

Connect the tools and services
you need to your processes

Without Marjory

Integrating a service such as a framework, a PSP or a CMS into your marketplace requires time and resources. Indeed, several connectors must be created from your site in order to communicate with the service provider.
This operation is generally complex and can take a lot of time depending on the tool or service to be integrated.

With Marjory

With Marjory, you only need to establish one connection to access many services in a few clicks. integrate and modify your external tools and services more easily and orchestrate their intervention directly in your processes by simple drag-and-drop. A unique solution to gain freedom and agility in the creation and management of your marketplace.

"The editor allow us to build and adjust the management process of a marketplace in real time, facilitating the understanding of stakeholders by uniting them around a common vision. Very intuitive, it helps to better understand the impacts related to the implementation of a marketplace."
Gabriel de Saint Guilhem
Manager • Viggo

Marjory answers Marketplaces' 
specific needs

Business process design

Define a goal, frame your projects, share a vision and gain visibility on user experience and organisational impact.

Developer experience

Focus on the value added of your work and gain time.

Test and Deployment

Allow complex deployment of multiple version processes.

Monitoring and improvement

Get visibility on launched execution and correct your processes for efficiency.

Change management

Integrate each step of your transformation to take into account your own constraint.


Strengthen Your GDPR compliance with a better control of your data. Get a better visibility on the shared data.

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