Who is Marjory?

Marjory is a reference to a very common name for female telephone operators in the 1950s who managed the interconnection between users of the first telephone lines.

The co-founders of the company: Kamel, Christophe and Frédéric chose this name to embody a low-code technological solution that accelerates the integration of the various software bricks of an information system through the automation of processes.

What is Marjory’s vision?

To realign business and IT around an automation platform that simplifies access to knowledge through a software ecosystem, and accelerates the integration of new projects (such as online platform projects) with existing IT systems and/or third-party services. The goal: to unlock business value.

Marjory’s values:


We focus on concrete and actionable steps to deliver the best of ourselves as a team and individuals


We pass on our expertise and get rid of the unexpected to guide our customers in their journey to success


We unleash human intelligence through powerful innovation that serves people first

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