Reliable, high-volume data integration. Without the cost.

You shouldn’t pay corporate-sized fees just to ensure your data flow is reliable, visible and secure. Marjory is the cost-effective, all-in-one European middleware. The solution designed for high-volume data integrations and workflow automation. 


Consolidate and integrate data from different systems with our ETL suite


Facilitate communication between different applications, public or legacy’s


We are a cloud based platform with connectors


Schedule your process to automate repetitive and rule-based tasks


Dynamically trigger your automated process from events


Our process editor integrates BPM best practices by design

How it works

Editor Marjory

Easy to use

Marjory’s user-friendly interface caters to all users. Select the no code editor for quick and easy workflow setup. Or opt for the low code editor if you want a more powerful configuration. 

Your AI Assistant

Take advantage of AI in node configuration. Our AI assistant streamlines the process and saves you valuable time by automatically configuring your nodes.


As your business grows, our solution easily adapts to accommodate increased data volume and complexity of your automated processes.

Easy to connect with your legacy

With its Private Apps feature, Marjory allows you to manipulate your legacy within the editor.


Marjory’s solution is affordably priced, making it accessible to small businesses that may not have the budget for more expensive alternatives.

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What our customers say

Frequently Asked Questions

Marjory is a SaaS suite of Middleware for Midsize Enterprises who need Governance in their data flows, with limited IT teams and small budgets.

Our solution covers the main challenges of Data integration: ESB, ETL, IPaas etc.

By consolidating these capabilities into a single tool, Marjory gives its clients the best way to simplify their technology stack, enhance efficiency, and optimize their operations.

Marjory offers a range of pricing plans to accommodate different needs and scalability.

Our plans start with a free trial and paid plans include “Team,” “Team+,” Business, and Enterprise.

The “Team” plan is designed for small teams and startups, providing essential integration features at an affordable price.

As your integration needs grow, the “Team+” plan offers more executions and scalability.

Our Business plan caters to medium-sized enterprises, offering comprehensive integration capabilities like ETL Suite, access to Premium SaaS connectors, advanced data management features, and dedicated support.

For large enterprises with complex requirements, the Enterprise plan provides enterprise-grade features, extensive customization, high-level professional services, and dedicated account management.

We prioritize scalability & cost management, ensuring that our pricing plans support your growth journey.

As you progress from one plan to another, we accompany you every step of the way, meeting your evolving integration needs.

Choose the plan that suits your current requirements and confidently scale up with Marjory’s support.

Marjory brings you a diverse range of features to streamline and enhance your operations:

  • Executable Process Editor: Simplify your data workflows with our low-code executable process editor, allowing you to Create, modify, and manage workflows with ease.
  • Live Instance Monitoring: Gain real-time insights into your processes with our live instance monitoring feature. Track execution, performance, and optimize your operations on-the-fly.
  • Log Monitoring Platform: Gain full visibility of your operations with our comprehensive monitoring platform, offering complete access to all logs for effective troubleshooting and analysis.
  • APP Store: Connect and integrate top applications in a snap available in our app store, offering pre-built connectors for leading apps across various industries.
  • Private Marjory App Builder: Integrate your legacy systems seamlessly using our Private Marjory App Builder. Create custom connectors tailored to your unique needs, ensuring full compatibility with your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Marjory Execution Engine: Marjory will follow your growth with our Engine, capable of handling over 1500 node executions per second. Scale your data management efforts effortlessly, regardless of the volume or complexity of your data.

Equip your IT with Marjory, and navigate the data integration landscape with confidence and efficiency.

Marjory is a suite of Middleware tailored specifically for the unique needs of midsize enterprises.

Recognizing the challenges faced by such organizations, we designed Marjory with a key focus on data flow governance.

We understand that midsize enterprises often work with lean IT teams and may have limited budgets allocated for data management.

Therefore, Marjory is engineered to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our solution empowers smaller IT teams to manage complex data integration tasks with ease, reducing the need for extensive manpower and significant financial investment.

Through our user-friendly platform, enterprises can handle complex data management challenges like ESB, ETL, or iPaaS, making the most out of their resources. By consolidating these capabilities into a single tool, we enable these organizations to simplify their technology stack, optimize their operations, and ensure the integrity and governance of their data flows.


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