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Marjory simplifies the process of launching and growing your marketplace. With reduced integration costs, improved operational excellence, increased control over changes, and innovative added services, it’s entirely tailored towards the success of your business.

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The Marjory impact

“Marjory is a game changer. It really makes our lives easier.” This is what marketplace operators have to say after using our solution. Marjory cuts the costs and time required to integrate a marketplace platform into an organisation and its  IT systems. By giving them access to a catalogue of ready-to-use workflows derived from proven methods, Marjory helps marketplace operators leverage the entire ecosystem’s best practices. Marjory also gives operators complete control over the changes required for any marketplace project, allowing them to set parameters that suit their organisation, and to clearly define the role of all stakeholders. And with Marjory, choosing and integrating added services such as payments, logistics or marketing is easy as pie!

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The Marjory solution

Marjory is the first “Expertise-as-a-Service” solution combining proven marketplace expertise, a user-friendly tech platform and a diversified ecosystem. It’s the perfect tool to make life easier for marketplace operators and all other players in the ecosystem (consultants, integrators and service providers).

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About us

“We have built the platform we dreamed of when we were launching marketplaces.”

Behind Marjory are two marketplace experts who worked on both sides of the equation: as operators and as service providers.


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