Improve manufacturing data quality, enhance your decision-making process

Managing manufacturing data integration from heterogeneous ecosystems is crucial for optimizing operations. Consolidating disparate data sources leads to cost efficiency. This streamlined approach not only fosters seamless collaboration but also enhances decision-making capabilities.

Track, Translate, & Optimize Your Data with Confidence

Data integration in a single solution

Simplify the data integration process, by visualizing the various sources of corporate data. From cloud or on-premise sources, centralize your integration.

Optimize operations with immediate insights

Manage your business with real-time monitoring. Get valuable insights into your production processes to make decision for better business management

Immediate Issue Detection and Resolution

Detection of machine issues, allows prompt response and minimizing downtime. This ensures uninterrupted operations of supply chain and contributes to the overall reliability of manufacturing processes.

Trust your data with Marjory

Integrate your data easily with pre-built connectors.

Control all your data coming from different sources as ERP, SCADA & MES systems or operational tools. Automate your process and keep the ability to improve your workflows on a dime.

Monitor all your data

Real-time monitoring acts as the watchtower for your supply chain and production. Detect machine downtime promptly by alerting, identifying issues, and optimizing operations with a comprehensive logs list for efficient data governance.

In tune with your evolution

As your manufacturing grows and equipment evolves, Marjory ensures your data integration systems can handle growing volumes of data, increasing complexity, and expanding user requirements.

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