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10-20% of online products contain incorrect information (category, filter, attributes or product description).

Data quality is crucial for:
● referencing / indexing (brand & retail online catalog, Google, MarketPlaces…)
● conversion rate (30% of buyers abandon online purchase because of bad information)

Handling product information is time consuming and error prone. Large catalogs or catalogs with frequent updates cannot be handled manually.

Algocat is an A.I. platform that automates the creation and updates of product information with different modules:
Index: product categorization, attributes extraction, filters identification
Matching: find duplicates, link similar products
Generate: generate title or/and description

Algocat increases the quality of data, highly reducing the number of errors compared to manual production.
Use Algocat Studio to control your automations and validate the data produced.

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Diary of a CTO - The challenges of data integration in SMBs

During this event, we will talk about:

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📈 Best practices for the seamless integration of data volumes.

🚀 Gain insights into top-tier solutions tailored to specific challenges and use cases.

Question & Answer session: Join us to talk about your problematics and get answers by our guest speaker, William Da Cunha, a seasoned CTO at Marjory and an authority on middleware solutions and data integration. 

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