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«Marjory x Paysurf is the winning combo to support you efficiently and clearly in the creation and development of your Marketplace. Paysurf integrates Marjory’s ecosystem and offers with all partners a unique and new offer. »

Eric Dangreaux
Sales Managers


A complete and dedicated payment platform

Paysurf’s platform offers a tailored solution. Payments can be securely processed for Marketplaces’ needs, from third-party receipts until redistributions to different sellers.

A team of experts

Our IT, KYC, supports, project and senior sales teams have multiple years of experiences in the banking and retail sector. We have a local presence with our CIC and Credit Mutuel teams.

In compliance with the regulations and highly secured

With Paysurf, Marketplaces are compliant with European regulations. Paysurf hosts 100% data securely in France.

The strength of a large corporation

Security, durability and serenity are the 3 Paysurf’s assets with its integration of a large banking corporation leader in France : the Credit Mutuel Alliance Federale.

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Diary of a CTO - The challenges of data integration in SMBs

During this event, we will talk about:

🔍 Inquiries that CTOs should be addressing when grappling with data integration intricacies in a cost-effective way.

📈 Best practices for the seamless integration of data volumes.

🚀 Gain insights into top-tier solutions tailored to specific challenges and use cases.

Question & Answer session: Join us to talk about your problematics and get answers by our guest speaker, William Da Cunha, a seasoned CTO at Marjory and an authority on middleware solutions and data integration. 

Do you have a pressing query for William? 🤔 Share it with us at, and we will ensure that it receives attention during this Q&A webinar.


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