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Octopia is the saas marketplace solution to develop your e-commerce site: technology, qualified sellers, integrated logistics.

Octopia and its experts provide support throughout the project, before, during and after its deployment. Dedicated workshops, at each step and on each of the fundamental business/tools of the marketplace, are conducted: business plan development, assortment strategy, IT integration workshops, achievement of set objectives.

La solution SaaS est modulaire et s’intègre très facilement à l’infrastructure existante via API. Elle permet un « go-live » de la marketplace rapide avec un MVP disponible en 4 mois.
Nevertheless, the success of a marketplace does not only lie in the technology, but largely in the quality and number of sellers, brands and products available to end customers. Octopia is also a large catalog of qualified and scorified sellers and products available that correspond to the DNA of the brand. Finally, the logistics of the sellers’ products is an essential issue for the efficient management of the marketplace. To maintain the quality of delivery and customer satisfaction, Octopia can take care of the entire logistics chain and offer a delivery service.

Octopia accompanies its clients beyond the implementation of the marketplace with dedicated business consulting, professional services and customer success experts, to optimize performance and develop long-term business volume.

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