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Origami assists project leaders in the creation of a Marketplace with a Marketplace solution.

Did you know that the Marketplace model is a new growth lever for B2B players! Marketplace specialist since 2012, Origami publishes a turnkey, modular and easy-to-use SaaS software solution for the creation of a Marketplace.

Creating a B2C, B2B, C2C or Services Marketplace has never been easier. Our solution is modular and fully customizable. With our team of experts we will help you to set up your Marketplace.

With its Marjory connector, Origami can quickly integrate new services in its CMS.

«As a publisher of Marketplace software, we are aware of the complexity of implementing additional tools to the marketplace: credit insurance, payment service provider, … this is why we wanted to set up a partnership with Marjory.»

Alexandre Duquenoy
Sales Manager


Turnkey solution

Origami’s Marketplace is an all-in-one platform immediately operational when deployed.

Customizable solution

Because every projects are different, Origami’s Marketplace is fully customizable so it can adapt to all of your needs.

Easy to use

Origami’s back-office (operator and seller) is ergonomic and UX friendly to make it easy to use, even without any technical knowledge.


When you will increase the number of your customers, sellers and your turnover, Origami Marketplace will adapt to support you all the way of your project.

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Why is orchestration key in B2B payments?

Join our webinar

Marjory invites you to the webinar “Why is orchestration key in B2B payments?”, presented by Marie Wattrelot, Client Success Manager.

The webinar will feature the Lyreco case study, the European leader and the third-largest distributor of B2B retail office equipment and supplies in the World. Antoine Malard, Marketplace Product Owner at Lyreco will be our special guest.

You will learn the role of an orchestrator and how to manage the different events in a B2B order lifecycle.