Ubble Ubble offers a remote identity verification service, that is easy to use and as reliable as a face-to-face.“Easy to use” thanks to an interactive and optimized UX, available both on mobile and desktop. User conversion rate exceeds 90%.“As reliable as a face-to-face” thanks to the taking of videos of the identity document and of […]

AML Factory

AML Factory aims to facilitate and optimise all regulatory obligations in the area of AML/CTF. It notably allows to constitute in real time merchants’ KYCs to accelerate their validation by Marketplaces’ PSP and help them to maintain these KYCs all along their business relationships (updates, renewal, follow-up, etc.) With its Marjory connector, AML Factory helps […]


MiTrust is a trusted intermediary for sharing personal and professional data online. Our mission is to respond to the frictions encountered in the KYC / KYB processes: The abandonment of merchants due to an overly heavy process Cancellation of orders Deadlines and iterations for obtaining a complete and eligible file Data processing times from PSP […]


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