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MiTrust is a trusted intermediary for sharing personal and professional data online. Our mission is to respond to the frictions encountered in the KYC / KYB processes:

  • The abandonment of merchants due to an overly heavy process
  • Cancellation of orders
  • Deadlines and iterations for obtaining a complete and eligible file
  • Data processing times from PSP
  • Fight against fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing

With its Marjory connector, Mi Trust makes it faster and easier to integrate its solution to facilitate KYC/KYB processes.

«As Marjory is the solution to ease the creation and the evolution of Marketplaces and as MiTrust is the solution which fluidifies the various KYC / KYB processes of the e-business, it was quite natural to join our two approaches»


Reduced user abandonment rate
  • Ease of file creation: the user experience is optimized thanks to a simpler, faster and 100% online journey
  • Reduction in validation time: the data collected is reliable and eligible, the user account is thus instantly validated
Reduction of tasks with low added value

No more verification or manual re-entry: the data collected is sent directly to its own format in your back end and / or that of your PSP

Increase in acceptance rate by PSP
  • Immediate validation of files: the data collected meet all the criteria of PSP in terms of reliability and eligibility of data
  • Reduced risk of fraud: data comes in real time from reliable, up-to-date and eligible sources, and cannot be altered by the user
GDPR and positive ecological impact

MiTrust applies key principles of the GDPR, particularly in terms of data minimization. Thus, the weight of databases is considerably reduced with a positive impact in terms of environment and data protection

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Diary of a CTO - The challenges of data integration in SMBs

During this event, we will talk about:

🔍 Inquiries that CTOs should be addressing when grappling with data integration intricacies in a cost-effective way.

📈 Best practices for the seamless integration of data volumes.

🚀 Gain insights into top-tier solutions tailored to specific challenges and use cases.

Question & Answer session: Join us to talk about your problematics and get answers by our guest speaker, William Da Cunha, a seasoned CTO at Marjory and an authority on middleware solutions and data integration. 

Do you have a pressing query for William? 🤔 Share it with us at, and we will ensure that it receives attention during this Q&A webinar.


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