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Marjory company

Marjory is a company created by former marketplace solution editors, marketplace experts (marketplace consultants, head of marketplace business) and also experts in payment and financing solutions for marketplaces. The project was born in July 2018 and was incubated by Area 42, the incubator of the Belgian credit insurance company CREDENDO. Marjory SAS was officially launched in March 2020.
Marjory refers to the most common name given in the heyday of old telephone switchboards, when experienced operators connected technical systems that did not communicate naturally with each other. Marjory is also a name that is pronounced consistently in all languages of the world !
Marjory was created by experts in tech, online commerce (e-commerce/marketplace) and payment and financing tools (fintech). The founders of Marjory have worked for e-commerce and marketplaces solutions providers but also managed business marketplaces. This double experience allowed them to imagine the solution that was missing to reduce the barriers to entry on this type of project.
Marjory is an ExaaS (expertise as a service) solution that helps companies to transform themselves into marketplaces or to develop their existing marketplaces. The marjory solution is based on 3 pillars : A product, to design marketplace processes in the form of workflows and made them executable regardless of the software bricks used to run the marketplace (front, back, psp, etc.) An ecosystem of partners, so that marketplace customers can easily and quickly integrate third-party services (payment, financing, logistics, marketing, etc.) with their marketplace CMS/Framework or with each other A network of certified experts, to help customers accelerate their transformation with the Marjory product
Marjory allows a company that wants to launch a marketplace, develop it or internationalise it, to do so simply and quickly. By connecting to Marjory, the company can access marketplace best practices and a library of third-party services (payment, financing, logistics, marketing, etc.) that will allow it to accelerate its project and boost its business. Marjory removes the technological, budgetary, legal and organizational barriers that often make marketplace projects very complex.
The three values of Marjory are innovation, expertise and execution. Innovation because we always try to bring innovation value to our clients. By offering a new approach or new tools to help them solve the problems they face. Expertise is at the heart of Marjory’s DNA. It is about providing our clients with the knowledge and know-how that will enable them to accelerate their transformation by anticipating obstacles and knowing how to give the right advice to get around them. Execution is also a cardinal value. No good idea without perfect execution! That is why at Marjory we focus on making our clients’ vision effective through perfect execution, supported by our technology.
Marjory’s clients are companies of all sizes that want to benefit from the Marketplace revolution. They are start-ups, SMBs, but also large groups (> €1 billion in turnover) who see in Marjory’s solution an acceleration of their project in the design, build, run or scale phases of a marketplace project (addition of new services, internationalization, etc.). These clients can be manufacturers, retailers but also suppliers of solutions for Marketplaces (payment services, financing, logistics, etc.)
The Marjory project was born in 2018, but the company was officially registered with the Versailles Trade and Companies Registry in March 2020. In April 2020, Marjory signed its first contracts with marketplace operators who wanted to use its solution to launch their marketplaces and/or develop them by adding new services (financing in particular).
Marjory is based on a three-pillar business model. On the one hand, Marjory charges access and use of its platform to marketplace operators who connect to it. To connect to Marjory, the client pays an access fee (onboarding fees) and a monthly rental fee for the service (the price of which is based on the number of events that are processed by the platform). On the other hand, Marjory monetises its ecosystem by taking a commission on the business brought in by the software solution providers when marjory connects them to its customers. Finally, Marjory delivers training services for consultants (technical or functional) by certifying them to use Marjory.
ExaaS stands for Expertise As A Service. It’s an expression that synthesises Expertise (the value delivered to the customer) and the SaaS model (the software business model). It embodies Marjory’s promise and positioning: simplifying access to expertise to accelerate its digital transformation, particularly on the Marketplace model.

Marjory product

Marjory offers a set of features to automate business processes and easily integrate new services. The business process editor facilitates the transition from idea to execution by allowing to formalise the functional vision in the form of workflows that can be easily transformed into executable actions. The technical process editor enables the orchestration of the actions of its information system, the tools that make it up and the users, always around the functional logic. The service library provides access to a whole range of services (payment, financing, logistics, order management, etc.) to facilitate their integration into your marketplace. Instance tracking allows you to visualise past and current process executions to isolate possible blockages and propose corrective measures.

Marjory offers a product for accelerating marketplace projects. The proposed approach is process and service driven. A marketplace is a series of business processes (e.g on-boarding of sellers) that must be able to run in an organisation, in a business context and on an IT architecture. Marjory therefore offers a SaaS solution which, once connected to the marketplace, enables its operation to be structured and managed on the basis of modelled processes. These processes are executable and offer a view on their level of completeness as well as on the possible blocking points that could prevent them from being executed. Marjory is a new vision of your Marketplace project that allows you to give the power back to the business over the technique!
Marjory is not a marketplace framework. Marjory is complementary to marketplace frameworks. Marjory even brings value to these frameworks by allowing marketplace operators to simplify and accelerate their integration but also to bring features or connectors that these frameworks do not offer natively.
Marjory has been designed to allow functional profiles to abstract themselves from technical constraints thanks to its low code operation. Marjory’s library of expertise allows business users to frame and formalise their marketplace projects while taking advantage of Marjory’s professional services to adapt them to their own problems. The modelling of these expertises in the form of workflows and Marjory’s ability to make these workflows interact with the APIs of third-party services and to technically execute these workflows makes them easier to read for a non-technical profile. The integration of Marjory into an existing information system is therefore done quickly and independently of the technical knowledge of the integrated or desired services. Once this integration is complete, any functional profile trained in Marjory can add all the services it needs to its marketplace in just a few clicks (PSP, framework, logistics service, etc.)Video : Easily add a new service to your marketplace

In a way yes, Marhory allows you to call the different services that make up your marketplace IS (front, back, PIM, PSP, etc.) from modelled processes. Once the processes have been modelled, the different services configured and integrated, using Marjory is transparent. You can choose to optimise your processes by monitoring their execution through Marjory (notion of instances) and by analysing them. It is then a matter of monitoring the correct execution and improving the processes according to the operational needs of your organization.
The Marjory platform integrates the security levels required to be GDPR compliant on its side. Marjory inherently provides transparency in the handling and flow of data in your processes. You can view and set up access to data from the various third-party services that are integrated into your marketplace. Thanks to the Marjory platform and the parameterisation in the form of workflows, you strengthen your GDPR compliance.
Marketplaces are complex to build from scratch but also for e-merchants who want to extend their catalogue of offers in a marketplace logic. Thanks to its process-based approach, Marjory allows marketplace operators to build their marketplace platform by focusing on the key processes that enable it to operate and create its value. Marjory’s solution is therefore suitable for all projects, from a marketplace launch project to a scale-up and/or internationalisation project.
Marjory is a flexible solution. Different connection methods exist (API, Webhook, etc.). As a marketplace operator, you can easily create a Marjory “private module” that will include all the endpoints of your IS. You can then interact with them visually via the workflow editor.
The Marjory software architecture is based on 3 levels:

User portals (in Angular)
The management of the logic of construction and management of models (in Java)
The execution of instances and data processing (in high-criticality Java)
The deployment of the infrastructure is totally automated by terraform in an infrastructure as code approach.

Marjory services library

The service library gives access to more than 25 services that can be useful to the Marketplace operator in running his marketplace. These can be services accessible as SaaS (payment solutions, marketplace back office, CMS, financing, logistics, CRM). But it is also possible to create private services to interact with your legacy system (e.g: I want my marketplace to communicate with my ERP).
The service library makes it easier to access and understand the services to be integrated into your marketplace. By simply dragging and dropping, you can integrate these services into processes and combine them with others (e.g connect a PSP, a back office and split payment solution).
If you want to integrate a service into your marketplace that is not yet in our library of pre-integrated services, no problem. We approach the service provider in order to get the necessary information to create a connector in Marjory and create this service in Marjory as a module. This approach very often results in a partnership between Marjroy and the service provider that goes beyond simple technical integration.
Yes, this is a private module. For example, you are a retailer and want to launch a marketplace by connecting it to your accounting ERP to facilitate the reconciliation of flows. With Marjory, the creation of this module is possible, which will make it easier for you to integrate it into the workflows of your marketplace that you have decided to pilot with Marjory.

Marjory's partners

Marjory is a software editor. We have various partners. Service providers (solution providers for marketplaces), mostly in SaaS mode, which we integrate as modules in our service library. Consulting firms that use the library of expertise to help their clients gain expertise in marketplace issues and to plan the implementation of new associated processes and their impacts. Integrators who use the Marjory product with their marketplace operator clients to accelerate time to market and enable them to develop their value proposition through new functionalities. Finally, consultants who have undergone Marjory training and are thus Marjory certified. They can intervene at the customer’s site to help them to use the Marjory solution in the best way possible throughout their projects.
Becoming a Marjory partner is very simple : first of all you have to submit an application directly via the form available HERE. Then, we will arrange a first discovery meeting with you, which will allow us to better understand your value proposition. Following this meeting, we will be able to send you a formal partnership proposal.


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