Build data connections and automate your processes

Connect your applications and orchestrate your workflows

Créer un projet

L’éditeur de process business facilite le passage de l’idée à l’exécution. Dessinez vos workflows et transformer-les en actions exécutables.

Automatiser ses process

Grâce à l’éditeur de process technique, organiser les actions de votre système d’information, de vos outils et de vos utilisateurs.

Connecter ses services

Connecter vos outils, services et données externes directement dans Marjory. Intégrez-les dans les process pour automatiser les workflows.

Analyser et optimiser

Visualiser les exécutions passées et en cours. Identifier les améliorations techniques et business à apporter.

Marjory responds to your specific needs

Conception de process

Définissez un objectif, cadrez votre projet, partagez une vision et gagnez en visibilité sur l’expérience utilisateur et l’impact organisationnel.

Monitoring and improvement

Benefit from visibility on the executions launched live, troubleshoot a fix and correct processes directly for more efficient executions.

Developer experience

Focus on the added value of your developments and save time.

Change management

Integrate each stage of your transformation, taking into account your organizational constraints.

Testing and deployment

Deploy as many workflow automations as you want.

Data protection

Ensure GDPR compliance with better control of your data and better visibility into shared data.



They are already creating value with Marjory

United.b (Electro Depot, Boulanger, Hifi International, Krëfel...) has launch its B2C marketplace, Reconomia

Thanks to Marjory technology, we were able to reduce the scoping and build phases of our project to build a Marketplace 100% adapted to the constraints of the refurbished economy!

Jerome Vigneron
Project Director
jerome vigneron

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Why is orchestration key in B2B payments?

Join our webinar

Marjory invites you to the webinar “Why is orchestration key in B2B payments?”, presented by Marie Wattrelot, Client Success Manager.

The webinar will feature the Lyreco case study, the European leader and the third-largest distributor of B2B retail office equipment and supplies in the World. Antoine Malard, Marketplace Product Owner at Lyreco will be our special guest.

You will learn the role of an orchestrator and how to manage the different events in a B2B order lifecycle.