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Marjory supports your strategy, process automation and technical integration to help you overachieve your objectives.

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Marjory, the marketplace made easy


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The solution that drives your marketplace into success
b2b marketplace
Launch your 
B2B marketplace
Create a bespoke marketplace adapted to your context with optimized costs.
b2c marketplace
Launch your 
B2C marketplace
Accelerate the time-to-market of your B2C marketplace.
Digitalize procurement with a marketplace
Improve customer experience and boost your sales with e-procurement.
reverse marketplace
Sell your product to multiple marketplaces
Make connections easier between your system and multiple marketplace.
integrate ecommerce
Integrate your marketplace into a e-commerce
Offer a frictionless experience to your customers.

We integrate Marketplace services to any system

Select the apps you need and get bespoke automation done

Our experts ensure the success of your project.

Our team of experts support you from scoping phase to launch.
Their comprehensive technical and organizational know-how ensure to reach operational excellence in the implementation of your project. 
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They are creating 
value with Marjory

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How to ease the integration of a Marketplace into a legacy platform?

Cette publication est également disponible en : Français (French)Integrating a new project as ambitious as a Marketplace is particularly challenging for an organisation with a legacy. If time has left your information system less agile, less efficient or obsolete, changing it and integrating new services can be risky. A technology like Marjory is an effective […]

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Create your own private module to automate your Marketplace information system

Cette publication est également disponible en : Français (French)Marjory is a SaaS solution that automates Marketplaces. It allows you to automate external services (PIM, PSP, Back-Office…) from executable processes, in the context of your Marketplace information system.  To facilitate the connection of your information system to Marjory, we provide you with a new interface that […]

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