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Business Process Editor

Draw non-executable processes or import processes from our expertise library to scope your project and share the vision of your marketplace. Our business process editor has been designed to help you make decisions and facilitate the execution of your projects.

Facilitate the transition 
from idea to execution

With the business process editor, you can create effective visuals to present your marketplace’s future processes. By defining and centralising your project processes, you will optimise the execution of business activities.
  • Record and annotate your project activities
  • Present your ideas through visual processes
  • Formalize the actions and responsibilities of each actor

Align your teams around a common vision

Enable all departments in your company to participate in the creation of future processes with the editor’s collaborative tools.

Formalize the actions of the various departments.

Formalize the actions and responsibilities of each department to increase efficiency. Easily visualise “who does what”.

Build up a knowledge base for everyone to use.

Record and annotate each element of your processes with comments. Your employees will gain autonomy and participate in enriching this knowledge.

Create a link between business and technology.

Find your technical processes directly in your business processes to quickly visualize the project in execution.

Organize your processes.

Easily sort, rename and archive your work. Assign a status to each version of your process to track its evolution.

Take advantage of our marketplace 
experts’ recommendations

Created by experts in the field of marketplaces launch and management, our library of expertise consists of documented processes that will give you the keys to develop your marketplace project. This collection of expertise is available directly in our product and can be adapted to your needs.
You will thus benefit from:
  • A unique knowledge base on the market
  • An on-shelf offer
  • A time saving in the creation of your processes

Strengths of our business process editor


Customise the colour of each element for a more visual look.


View older versions of your processes.

SVG Export

Export your process in SVG format for sharing.


Import images from your computer and integrate them into your process elements.


Add comments to annotate items and share with your colleagues.

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