Mailchimp Integration: Empower Your Marketing Efforts with Marjory

Integrate Mailchimp with Marjory and automate your marketing campaigns. Improve the operational efficiency of your campaigns and customer engagement.

Monitor you data flows

Harness the full potential of Mailchimp by automating your customer relations. Personalize your email campaigns and boost audience engagement.

Monitoring your Mailchimp data flow becomes effortless when you leverage Marjory’s capabilities. With a high level of control and visibility over your Mailchimp integration, make informed decisions and optimize your data management.

App functions


  • Add member to list
  • Add member to segment
  • Send Transactional Message
  • Make Marketing Api Call
  • Make Transactional Api Call

Mailchimp Integration Use case: Automated Customer Database Synchronization and Targeted Email Marketing

When new customers is detected in Amazon Dynamo DB, Marjory solution uses Mailchimp’s built-in component to automatically add them to targeted lists and segmenting them based on preferences and purchasing behavior.

Marjory executes large-scale email marketing campaigns through Mailchimp, customizing content and offers to align with the unique characteristics and interests of each customer segment.

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