Airtable Integration: Create a flexible database

Integrate Airtable with Marjory to streamline data management, enhance collaboration, and automate workflows effortlessly

Monitor you data flows

Harness the full potential of Airtable by automating processes, enabling seamless data management and communication across teams and projects.

Monitoring your Airtable data flow becomes effortless when you leverage Marjory’s capabilities. With a high level of control and visibility over your Airtable integration, make informed decisions and optimize your data management.

App functions


  • Get Record
  • Extract table
  • Create Record
  • Update Record
  • Delete Record
  • Search Record

Airtable Integration Use case: Development Task Tracking

This use case describes the process of tracking development tasks using Jira and Airtable. When a development task is updated in Jira, Marjory triggers the “Update Issue” action of Jira to reflect status or details changes of the task.

Airtable performs a search to find the corresponding record of the updated task using the “Search Record” action.

The updated information is extracted from Jira by Marjory and updated in Airtable via the “Update Record” action, ensuring real-time synchronization between the two platforms.

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