Speaking with Emilie, Functional Consultant at Marjory

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Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I’m Emilie and I’ve just joined the Marjory team as a functional consultant. I was born, raised and still live in the North as the happy mother to a little boy, I spend most of my free time with my son!

A few words about your professional background?

I have a degree in international trade and distribution management, and I began my career in procurement at La Redoute. An internal meeting gave me the opportunity to join the Marketplace by La Redoute team when it was launched. Passionate about e-commerce, I discovered the world of the Marketplace, its challenges, its constraints and its potential, above all!

Can you give a few examples of marketplace projects you’ve been involved in?

  • La Redoute:

When I arrived in a start-up context in the “big machine” La Redoute, I multiplied the missions and the interventions. As a Business Developer, Account Manager and Category Manager, my efforts were focused on developing the offer and managing seller accounts, and then on promoting this offer on the site and in the various commercial operations, in particular. I also took part in projects to build and develop the Marketplace: work on direct integration, setting up the three-way relationship for customer relations, and tedious coordination with the internal accounting department for accounting reconciliations. Last but not least, change management with the support of internal teams in the integration of a new business, a new offer and new processes. As a new business model, the marketplace sometimes gives rise to a lot of fantasies!

  • Aushopping:

After La Redoute, I joined Aushopping, the project to create a geolocalised Marketplace for Auchan shopping centres. With the ambition to create a digital experience of shopping centres offering innovative multi-offer, click&collect and delivery services, the Auchan group’s real estate company planned to bring together the retailers of these centres on a single platform. My main missions revolved around 2 axes: the commercial and technical feasibility study and the development of strategic partnerships with the innovative solutions of the market and the retailers, of course.

  • Ollca:

After some very “local” steps, I had the opportunity to accompany a start-up from Rouen in the development of its activity in the North region. A market place for local shops, Ollca (then still Marché Privé) is a place where butchers, greengrocers and corner shops can group together and open their online shops, offering click & collect services and “last mile” delivery by bicycle. In development in France, Ollca creates a new way of doing business and makes digital commerce accessible to the greatest number of people. From the creation of the online shop to the development of strategic partnerships, notably institutional, my mission at Ollca consisted in launching the concept in the region.

  • As a web agency:

With several years of experience at the Marketplace operator, I had the opportunity to discover the Marketplace in more detail through the “distributor” prism. Thanks to the accompaniment of sellers in their distribution on French and international Marketplaces, I was able to identify the axes of optimization and the facilitating elements which deserve to be set up at the operators of Marketplace whose stake of tomorrow will be the facility of execution. And in this area, there is still a lot of work to do…

I imagine that in all these projects you had to overcome obstacles. What are they?

As in all projects, whether digital or not, you have to overcome obstacles. In my various experiences, I’ve noticed a few recurring themes:

Time: time is money, they say? Whether they are decisional, technical or strategic, latencies are frequent, causing precious time to be lost in the whole process of creating an infrastructure.

The decision-making process: in new projects, the stakes and resources are such that we are often confronted with an almost infinite scale of decision-making, making agility and reactivity almost nil.

Change management: a real challenge, change management can be long and complicated but should never be neglected.

So why do you think Marjory will be able to remove these obstacles?

Marjory is a solution created by users, operators and creators of Marketplace and that already means a lot! The founders were confronted with the difficulties of creating and developing Marketplace projects and decided to create THE solution that removes the obstacles and facilitates the mission of project leaders by revolutionising IT. By combining ease of execution, a business approach and sharing of know-how, Marjory becomes the meeting place for all stakeholders in the Marketplace ecosystem. By creating a standard while offering flexibility, the Marjory solution is the answer to the difficulties I have encountered on Marketplace projects and will seduce those who are starting or want to develop, without any doubt!

Why did you choose to work at Marjory?

I’m curious and passionate, so the idea of joining a solution that will revolutionise the way we all work makes me excited! Even if we shouldn’t tell them too much (…), we have to admit that the founders of Marjory have brilliantly thought out their solution. I’m delighted to contribute to the adventure of a solution that will be talked about!

What do you find most satisfying about your work at Marjory?

The team, of course! Come and meet the Marjory team and you’ll quickly understand “what satisfies me”! Ambition, benevolence and trust; everyone shares their ideas, asks questions and gives their opinion in a really good atmosphere! 

How do you see your job in 3 years?

In 3 years, I will be at Marjory where we will have multiplied our workforce and will be a reference in the Marketplace universe. We won’t launch any Marketplace project without using Marjory’s solution and experts, and we’ll also wonder why Marjory’s projects are limited to Marketplaces!

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