Why are workflows so crucial in a marketplace?

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Today, the expert sharing his insights is Frédéric Choudat, CPO at Marjory. Having previously participated in a large number of marketplace projects, Frédéric has a technical vision of how a marketplace is set up. Today, he is offering some feedback on the importance of workflows in a marketplace.

What’s a workflow?

Workflows allow various APIs from different solutions to communicate for a specific act of management. For instance, a workflow can describe a command path across a marketplace’s various tools.

They make iterative execution possible. This means that they allow for the reproduction of the same perfectly executed process each time: for instance, workflows can launch the same act of management thousands of times, without any glitch.

Workflows also make it easy to use PDCA (Plan Do Check Act), by setting up different versions of processes according to the situation. This, in turn, makes it possible to take certain nuances in the marketplace’s technical operations into consideration.

Additionally, setting up workflows can help your marketplace achieve operational excellence, thanks to task automation.

Thanks to a workflow, you can automate nominal salaries and, in the first instance, treat non-nominal cases manually. Some of these can then be automated too, to ensure your platform’s scalability. This way of working allows for the continuous improvement of operational excellence.

For a company to work properly, it is important to involve teams in project building. Workflows create internal transparency on the various stages of each process, and allow teams to feel involved, giving them the ability to suggest operational and executive improvements.

Finally, the automation of processes via workflows makes it possible to better manage data, in line with the GDPR regulation. Workflows only use the data they need for their execution, so you can determine precisely to what purpose data has been used, when, and by whom.

Things to remember:

  • Workflows bring learnings and allow for the easy adaptation of processes to the marketplace’s real needs.
  • They make perfect process execution and marketplace scalability possible.
  • Workflows entail the involvement of all the collaborators in a given project, increasing their commitment.
  • Finally, they improve control of data utilisation, in compliance with the GDPR regulation.

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