Marjory x MiTrust: a solution to help businesses reduce churn and operating costs during customer onboarding.

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Marjory announces a partnership with MiTrust, a solution to help businesses reduce churn and operating costs during customer onboarding. 

Platforms that bring buyers and sellers together, have become a major phenomenon in recent years, fuelling the growth of online commerce while also changing the way business-to-business commerce is conducted.

To create trust, a key condition for their development, businesses must be able to collect a great deal of information about their customers (sellers and buyers). In particular, they must be able to comply with European banking regulations on the verification of identifying a company’s customers (KYC, Know your customer and KYB, Know your business). 

But collecting this information and the associated documents (excerpt from the trade register, proof of address, etc.) can be tedious both for the marketplace’s customers and for its operator. Recent studies even estimate the cost of onboarding a new customer to be about 900 euros.

With the ambition of facilitating the collection of this data, Marjory has entered into a partnership with MiTrust to accelerate the integration of the solution by partner businesses. The objective is to allow customers (sellers and buyers) to share their data with the the platform in a simple and secure way.

Within the framework of this partnership, MiTrust makes its solution available to each of the businesses integrated in the Marjory environment. In concrete terms, integrated businesses can activate the solution in just a few clicks at any point in their customers’ onboarding process.

“By creating the MiTrust connector, Marjory offers marketplace operators connected to Marjory the possibility to easily verify the KYC elements of their sellers and buyers. This solution saves the onboarding team the cumbersome task of manually verifying the documents transmitted beforehand” explains Kamel Tansaout, founder and CEO of Marjory.

“MiTrust allows us to streamline the various KYC / KYB processes related to online commerce. Thanks to Marjory, we can make our solution operational very easily in the marketplace ecosystem of our customers” explains Martin Colomb, Co-founder of MiTrust.

About Marjory:

Founded in 2018 by Kamel Tansaout (ex Mirakl, Actility), Christophe Spoerry and Frédéric Choudat (ex Docaposte, Actility), Marjory is a low-code solution for best-in-breed data integrations and workflow automation.

Press contact Marjory :

Alexandre Amiot –

About MiTrust:

MiTrust is a trusted intermediary for sharing personal and business data online. Our mission is to eliminate as much as possible the frictions encountered in KYC / KYB processes, such as merchants giving up due to an onboarding process that is too cumbersome or processing times that are too long on the part of the PSP. MiTrust verifies the data provided by various institutions such as the French administration, energy and telecom providers, banks and social security. 

For more information:

MiTrust press contact:

Martin Colomb –

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