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Marjory announces a partnership with, an innovative solution based on natural language analysis to offer businesses the possibility to load all catalogs quickly.
The goal? To help businesses simplify and optimize the integration and updating of their sellers’ catalogs.

Today, when the operator wishes to integrate the catalog of a new seller or simply update the list of its services or products, it often has to do so on the basis of information transmitted in text or spreadsheet formats (Excel, Csv).

However, this information transmitted by sales staff does not always follow a precise nomenclature. The onboarding team then loses a lot of time translating the contents of these files into a “common language” that conforms to the structure of the marketplace’s catalog.

Although there are technological solutions to help them with this tedious task, not all of them are fully operational. With machine learning solutions, the analysis components require manual integration, with high costs and confidentiality issues. As for the grammatical analysis solutions that have recently emerged, they are not capable of translating a complex language into a simpler “common language”.  

With the ambition of simplifying the integration and updating of catalogs, Marjory has entered into a partnership with to accelerate the integration of this innovative solution for its operator clients. The objective: to offer to Marjory operators an explainable and frugal artificial intelligence solution. 

Within the framework of this partnership, makes its artificial intelligence solution based on natural language easily integrated by the marketplaces integrated into the Marjory environment. In concrete terms, the businesses that have contracted with can automatically adapt their suppliers’ product databases to their repository, regardless of how often they are updated. 

“With, Marjory enables B2B Marketplace operators in sectors that are not yet fully digitised to benefit from an accessible AI solution to reconcile their vendor data with their central catalogue” explains Kamel Tansaout, founder and CEO of Marjory.

“With Marjory, opens the doors to the marketplaces operators market by offering a universal connector that can be used almost instantly by operators, in their business context” explains Guillaume Navarre, COO & Co-founder at

About Marjory:

Founded in 2018 by Kamel Tansaout (ex Mirakl, Actility), Christophe Spoerry (ex Euler Hermes Digital Agency) and Frédéric Choudat (ex Docaposte, Actility), Marjory is a platform that simplifies the launch and evolution of BtoB and BtoC marketplaces by facilitating the integration of new services (payment, KYC, logistics, marketing, etc.)

Press contact: Alexandre Amiot –


After 7 years of R&D, has designed an artificial intelligence applied to the science of languages. Its objective is to offer companies pragmatic solutions for assisting businesses and automating tasks. More broadly, it is working to integrate natural language technologies into all digital environments. Unlike Gafami’s solutions, stands out for its “anti machine learning” approach. It is the only AI capable of modelling human reasoning without the need to collect data. It claims total transparency and explicability of its AI’s decision process and thus fights against machine learning bias. 

The company offers solutions for automating customer relations, document management and validation, chatbots and business personal assistants. It works with the French Ministry of Defence and many players in the banking/insurance and industrial sectors. 

Launched in 2012 by Thomas Solignac (27) who studied computer science and philosophy.

Press contact: Agence Raoul

Alexandre Costes –

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