New Features to help improve workflow processes

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Thanks to your feedback, our platform continues to improve with a new update now available. Fully developed and launched remotely, it will help you to continue to integrate data into your workflow processes more easily.

Here are the three new features included in this release.

1. Workflow Processes are now saved automatically.

Goodbye to the “save” button and hello to autosave. We have developed an automatic saving system so that every time a workflow process is modified, the work is automatically saved ten seconds later, replacing the existing version. From now on, you won’t lose your current workflow processes and can edit your processes without needing to remember to save.

2. Create non-executable workflow processes to meet functional requirements.

Available under the name “My Business Processes”, this allows you to create a link between the business side and technical requirements. Workflows are indeed a good way to visualize the technical configuration of a process, and can be understood by all business areas. By manipulating these new processes, you can involve non-technical staff in tasks such as scoping a new project, helping to manage organizational change or representing the vision of a project. In addition, each process and element can be commented on to provide more information about the different actions to the rest of the team.

Once a process is created, you can update its status and change its location.

3. Adding new services can now be configured more easily.

Helping you create workflow processes more easily is our priority. Thanks to the new control panel, you will save time and with a simple tick box, be able to fill in the inputs more simply. From now on, you’ll find pre-filled scripts with auto-completion and tests are now also faster to run.

Many other useful features are available in Marjory to help your team, contact us to find out more!

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