Marjory x LemonWay: LemonWay is the one stop shop for regulated payments, offering businesses a turnkey payment solution

Marketplace Ecosystem
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With the ambition to be the reference payment solution for marketplaces, Lemon Way has joined forces with Marjory to create, in synergy with other partners in this ecosystem, a combined offer of turnkey payment services with high added value.

This partnership allows a fast and almost automatic integration of the payment brick for marketplaces.

Marjory proposes to connect Lemon Way with a multitude of other interfaces.

This allows all potential stakeholders to be present in the same environment and to efficiently meet the needs of marketplaces.

“In addition to allowing Lemon Way to leverage its regulatory and payment expertise to advise customers, the partnership with Marjory highlights an unprecedented concentration of players in the marketplace ecosystem. By being all present in the same environment and interacting together, we optimize the user experience for marketplace customers.  Indeed, the Universal Connector allows us to expand our network of partners” says Yasmine Zeggane, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Lemon Way.

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