Marjory x AML-Factory: an innovative solution to protect your business

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Marjory announces a partnership with AML-Factory, an innovative solution to protect your business against money laundering and terrorist financing

The objective? To help businesses to comply with their regulatory constraints in this area in order to strengthen their compliance.

In recent years, platforms that bring together buyers and sellers have become a major phenomenon, fuelling the growth of online commerce and also changing the way business-to-business trade is conducted.

Because they handle increasingly large financial flows, the European legislator has imposed numerous regulatory constraints on marketplaces, requiring them to obtain a regulated status, whether as a credit institution, electronic money institution, payment institution or as a distributor or agent of a payment service provider (PSP).

In this context, platforms must also be able to ensure that the transactions they carry out are not used to launder money and/or finance terrorism. This AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulation was born out of the desire of governments to fight against criminal and terrorist organisations by tracking their financial flows, thus enabling them to trace the originators.

With the ambition to offer businesses a solution to protect themselves against money laundering and terrorist financing, and also to protect themselves from reputational risks and therefore from maintaining their activity, in conjunction or not with one or several payment solutions, Marjory has concluded a partnership with AML-Factory to accelerate the integration of this innovative solution for its clients.

Within the framework of this partnership, AML-Factory integrates its AML solution into businesses connected to the Marjory environment. In concrete terms, businesses that have signed a contract with AML-Factory can benefit from all the functionalities offered, from access to the regulatory framework, to the updating of standards with a simple click, via customer scoring and even the management of customer files as they arise. AML Factory allows you to “pick and choose” from the various functionalities it offers in order to provide an “à la carte” solution and, as each of them can be fully customized, AML Factory allows each business to adopt its own rules and/or to easily adapt those of your PSP.

“With AML-Factory, Marjory allows B2B Marketplace operators to benefit from a simple and accessible AML solution to reinforce their compliance” explains Kamel Tansaout, founder and CEO of Marjory.

“With Marjory, AML-Factory extends its service beyond regulated entities to B2B e-commerce sites and/or marketplaces so that they can focus on their core business, their commercial development while integrating with the expectations of their PSP and above all while securing their activity,” explains Charlotte Gaudin, CEO & Co-founder at AML-Factory.

About Marjory:

Marjory is a low-code solution for best-of-breed data integrations and workflow automation.

Press contact: Alexandre Amiot –

About AML-Factory:

AML-Factory offers companies subject to AML regulations in regulated and non-regulated sectors a tailor-made Compliance as a Service solution to simplify and optimise the management of all regulatory constraints in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. AML-Factory thus makes it possible to simplify regulatory constraints, reduce AML costs, reduce the administrative burden, and control the risks of sanctions and reputation.

Press contact: Charlotte Gaudin, CEO & Founder –

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