Jira Integration: Optimize your project management

Connect your applications to Jira Cloud Platform with Marjory. Create automated workflows and task automation to improve project management.

Monitor you data flows

Integrate Jira with Marjory. Supercharge your data integration without the need for coding expertise. Accelerate your project deployment and foster collaboration within your team.

Monitoring your Jira data flow becomes effortless when you leverage Marjory’s capabilities. With a high level of control and visibility over your Jira integration, make informed decisions and optimize your data management.

App functions


  • Find issues
  • Add comment to issue
  • Find one issue
  • Update issue
  • Create issue

Jira Integration Use case: Create Jira issues directly from Slack messages.

Automate your support management with Jira and Slack.

Support management is handled through a dedicated Slack channel and Jira integration with Marjory automation.

When a user sends a message to the designated Slack Support channel, the Marjory workflow initiates automatically, and create a Jira ticket.

The process ensures efficient communication, issue tracking, and resolution, enhancing overall support management.

What our customers say

Frequently Asked Questions

Jira is a widely used project management and issue tracking software developed by the Australian company Atlassian. It serves as a comprehensive tool for teams to plan, track, release, and support software projects efficiently. Jira is particularly popular for agile project management, allowing teams to manage tasks, track issues, and automate workflows throughout the software development lifecycle.

Use Marjory orchestration platform to configure triggers and actions within Jira. Integrate Jira by providing necessary authentication details and specifying the actions to perform within the application, such as finding or updating issues, or creating new ones. Monitor the workflow seamlessly within Jira to ensure efficient project management and collaboration.

With Marjory’s intuitive data integration platform, monitoring the integration and automation of Jira components is effortless. Use our monitoring features to track the performance and efficiency of your Jira integrations in real-time. Stay informed with comprehensive analytics, ensuring seamless project management and optimizing collaboration within your team. 


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