Google Calendar Integration: Optimize your team's schedule with Marjory.

Connect your applications to Google Calendar with Marjory. Automate reminders and events, seamlessly synchronize data between your solution and the calendar,

Monitor you data flows

Integrate Google Calendar with Marjory. Supercharge your data integration without the need for coding expertise. Accelerate your project deployment and simplifying schedule management through custom automated workflows.

Monitoring your Google Calendar data flow becomes effortless when you leverage Marjory’s capabilities. With a high level of control and visibility over your Google Calendar integration, make informed decisions and optimize your data management.

App functions


  • Create Calendar Event
  • Find Calendar Event
  • Update Calendar Event
  • Delete Calendar Event

Catch Events

  • Event Started
  • Event Updated
  • Event Created

Google Calendar Integration Use case: Send reminders for upcoming events in Google Calendar.

Set up an efficient workflow by integrating Twilio and Google Calendar to send SMS reminders for upcoming events.

This workflow automation streamlines communication, ensuring timely notifications directly to users’ phones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar service developed by Google. It allows users to create, edit, and organize events, appointments, and reminders

Integrating Google Calendar with Marjory is a simple and streamlined procedure. Marjory offers an intuitive interface, facilitating effortless linkage of your applications with Google Calendar’s scheduling features. Employing the data integration solution Marjory accelerates both the setup and administration phases, guaranteeing a swift and effective integration experience. Marjory supports OAuth2 for secure and simplified authentication processes.

Ensuring seamless integration and automation of Google Calendar data is crucial for operational efficiency. Marjory offers comprehensive monitoring and tracking features, empowering real-time oversight of the integration process. Keep a vigilant eye on calendar events to quickly identify and address any potential issues. With Marjory’s scalable platform, you can confidently manage increasing data volumes as your business expands, ensuring the reliability and security of your data exchange between Google Calendar and your solutions.


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