The most affordable ETL on the market

You don’t need to pay enterprise-grade prices to have a strong and robust ETL solution. With Marjory, you can scale your data integration as your operation grows without breaking the bank.

ETL Excellence: Economical, Expandable, Effortless

Affordable ETL

The main concern people have when implementing an ETL solution is how the costs will evolve with the business growth. You need to be able to scale your operations while keeping your costs under control. With Marjory, you know that you scale while staying within budget.

Scalable infrastructure

You don’t need to worry about handling your infrastructure and making sure it is scalable. By using Marjory, your infrastructure is automatically scalable. Our technology delivers, out-of-the-box, observability, scalability, security and high availability.

Easy-to-learn ETL

Developers are a scarce resource. ETLs are complex tools to use. With Marjory, it is easy for developers to learn how to use ETL. Even non-developers can be trained, removing what is either a barrier or a cost.

Unleash the Power of Marjory:

Versatile Features for Seamless ETL

Flexibility of formats

At Marjory, we know you need flexibility regarding the file format you can use in your ETL. You can’t select an ETL tool that limits your ability to integrate data because your files are not in the desired format. With Marjory, you can work with a wide variety of formats, such as CSV, XLS, and JSON, to name a few. And it’s also quite easy to manipulate them.  You shouldn’t be working for the tool; the tool should be working for you.

Join, query, filter, map and reduce like a pro

You can start using Marjory right away. Key functions work the same as you do on an SQL database. You can join data from different sources, run queries, filter, map or reduce data like you were working on an SQL database. Developers can focus on the task at hand right away, even if they haven’t used Marjory extensively.

Connect and extract data from a variety of protocols and applications

Marjory’s versatility to support integration with various data sources, including databases, cloud storage, SaaS applications, and more, simplifies the ETL process. It reduces complexity and enables scalability and efficient data integration Businesses can unify their data, gain valuable insights, and make informed decisions with confidence.

Real-time reporting & analytics insights

Monitor your data pipelines, and identify any potential issues or delays in data flow. This allows you to react quickly and proactively to maintain data integrity and optimize performance. Marjory manages alerting and data integration logs, with detailed indexing for easy search and troubleshooting. This empowers you to pinpoint the root cause of any issues and resolve them efficiently.

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