Marjory 3.0 : The all-in-one middleware solution

Automate your data integration and streamline the operations, saving valuable time and resources. Your IT Department needs a reliable, efficient, and easy to use solution. The new Marjory 3.0 is the answer!

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What is new in Marjory 3.0?

After months of hard work, from framing to delivery,

the Marjory product team is proud to deliver the most advanced version of all-in-one middleware.

Live instance monitoring

Launch the process, and see its evolution live. If any error is detected, you can easily identify the source of the problem and restart the process without delay. 

UX evolutions for a user-friendly editor interface

  • New assets to make creation and setup of executable process easier (drop of an action and parameters; integration of external application functions, etc.)

  • Setup of “events” within your process (catch or throw events) using a low code editor to simplify settings.

  • Multi starts (manual, event, scheduled) within a single process, allowing you to trigger your execution in multiple ways.

A more intuitive dashboard

All the necessary information visible on a single screen. Scrolling or opening a new page is no longer required to monitor your instances.

Control the status of your instances over a given period: the number of instances launched, the number of instances terminated, in error, canceled, restarted and the number of executions launched.

Data visualization ​

Log management simplified: choose a time period and view the log details. Spot and fix any problem quickly.

Increase performance

Faster deployment

Six times faster than previously : A process runs in only 1,5 to 5 seconds!

Ultra scalable

A capacity of 1800 execution tasks per second!

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Marjory Éditeur de process

La manière la plus simple de construire vos workflows

Il n’est pas nécessaire d’être un développeur pour automatiser les processus.

Grâce à l’éditeur no-code de Marjory, tout le monde peut créer son workflow automatisé.