Who is Marjory?

I used to be a talented operator, seamlessly connecting callers on early-day telephone lines, but today I personify the expertise of an innovative technological solution that allows all the players of the marketplace ecosystem (including operators, service providers, integrators and consultants) to work more efficiently. My life’s purpose is to simplify complex technical processes (such as third-party services integration, or general marketplace integration within a company’s existing IT infrastructure), so that operators can focus their attention on the design and implementation of the most efficient value-adding workflows for their marketplace. My values are simplicity, flexibility and operational excellence.

Our story

June 2018
Christophe Spoerry, founder of Alpine Style, meets Kamel Tansaout, a marketplace expert.
July 2018
The two entrepreneurs embark on a wonderful innovation journey with AREA42, the innovation ecosystem launched by Credendo, a leading trade credit insurer.
September 2018
Marjory successfully unveils its first demo at the B2B Rocks conference at Station F, Paris.
November 2018
Frédéric Choudat joins the adventure to develop the Marjory solution, alongside a technical team of top BPMN and marketplace experts.
March 2019
Marjory gets its first operator clients, as well as service partners such as Finexkap.
June 2019
Marjory allows a B2B marketplace operator to launch their platform in only two months!
September 2019
Marjory launches its new website and leverages new partnerships!


Kamel Tansaout

Marjory CEO

Passionate about B2B e-commerce and marketplaces.

“I started out exploring and developing these areas for Intershop and then Mirakl, before joining Actility as Marketplace Director. There, I realised how hard it was for organisations to integrate the marketplace business model, and how long it took to onboard service providers into these platforms and their very different organisational structures. That’s when I first felt the need for a solution like Marjory.”

Christophe Spoerry

Head of fintech solutions

Loves to design sustainable and innovative ecosystems.

“After founding the Euler Hermes Digital Agency where I imagined and built the first credit insurance solution for digital platforms I launched Alpine Style, a startup studio specialised in B2B financial services. The collaboration between Credendo and Alpine Style led to the creation of AREA42, as well as various other promising innovations for the future of B2B commerce.”

Frédéric Choudat

Marjory CPO

Loves to lead the integration of service offerings within complex ecosystems.

“I started my career in IT for a telecom operators, after which I got involved in setting up sharing platforms within innovative ecosystems. Marjory was born out of a desire to facilitate business interconnections for operators as well as for service providers, and to pave the way for augmented consulting.”

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