Integrate a marketplace to your e-commerce

The marketplace model can be a great opportunity to develop your e-commerce business. In particular, it allows you to propose new offers to your customers, without bearing the logistical costs.

Accelerate the integration of your marketplace with cost control

Ease connections between the legacy and the marketplace

Your IT system is integrated into the processes of your marketplace and intervenes directly in the processes.

Integrate external tools and services faster

No need to integrate each third-party service manually. With Marjory, you save time in adding and adjusting your tools and services.

Automate all the steps within your marketplace

Marjory automates your processes, such as the onboarding of sellers, the placing of orders or the management of your returns.

Benefit from experts advice

Our team of Marketplace experts will support you in the transition of your e-commerce business to a Marketplace model. You will save time in the elaboration of your project and will start from a good foundation.

Get an evolutive platform, ready to respond to all changes

With Marjory technology, your marketplace becomes more agile and easy to adapt to market changes. Changing your PSP, adding a return-to-store solution, including human validations… With Marjory, you can safely access to all your marketplace processes.

Compatible with all marketplace solutions

With the easy integration of all SaaS solutions, you can launch a project with no technical limitations and deliver it to the market in a record time and at optimized costs.

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