Technical process editor

Improve your implementation time with our technical process editor and its workflow modelling. Our solution allows you to save time and reduce costs related to the integration of your tools and services (external and internal to your company) and to focus on your business. You can thus approach your project in an agile and scalable manner while ensuring alignment from vision to execution.

Automate your processes with our low-code​ solution

What I can integrate into the processes: 

  • My information system: PIM, ERP, OMS, WMS
  • My external tools and services: payment, marketplace framework, logistics…
  • User actions: notifications, emails, manual tasks

Developer experience: thanks to low code, I can integrate business rules within the scripts for unrestricted use. 

Choose when and how often to run the executions

Simply configure your processes and events to define the triggers that will execute your workflow:

  • After a user action
  • Following an event sent by a connected tool or service. 
  • In parallel with another action
  • Depending on the results generated by a previous action
  • At regular intervals, after and before defined dates
  • At the end of another process
Facilitate collaboration between departments

Marjory has been designed to centralise information and facilitate exchanges between the different departments of your company. Thanks to our product, you can benefit from:

  • The visual aspect of the workflows which allows people to understand both business and technical aspects.
  • The documentation of the processes thanks to comments and the assignment of tasks. 
  • The integration of links between business and technical processes.
Technical process editor benefits

Import / export

Import / Export allows you to download your configured processes and deploy them in another environment.

Simplified search

Find tools and services easily by using the search bar in the control panel.

Low-code philosophy 

The script editor offers tools to help you write variables (auto-completion) to speed up development.

Sandbox, a place for testing

With the sandbox, you can run your workflow in a test environment.

Workflow iteration

Management of several versions of workflows in order to visualise the evolution of the platform.

GDPR compliance

The management of your data becomes transparent, facilitating the mapping of your data flows.

SVG visual export

Share your process with third parties who do not have access to the product thanks to the SVG format

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