Speaking with Guillaume, Product Owner at Marjory

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Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I’m Guillaume Bienfait and I recently joined Marjory as Product Owner. I’m the father of a little princess and I’m passionate about many things, including very “cliché” passions (but so assumed…) such as motor sports, video games, new technologies, football, Geopolitics and History.

A few words about your professional background?

Coming from a business school, my first job was “partner integration manager” for La Redoute, which was, in 2012, one of the first in France to launch this business model. 

Having acquired technical experience in addition to my “business” background, I logically turned to consulting by joining the firm “Disruptive Commerce”. I was able to work on various product ownership missions, from mobile applications to back office bricks before joining Marjory.

Can you give some examples of projects you have been involved in?

Besides my 3 years in the La Redoute team, my last consulting mission reminded me of the Marketplace since I had the chance to participate, from the start, in the international marketplace project of the ADEO group (Leroy Merlin, Bricoman).

I imagine that in these projects you had to overcome obstacles. What were they?

Indeed, I had to face recurrent obstacles such as technical and functional frameworks that were often long and complicated, the management of the change to the platform model which is full of pitfalls, or the development and release management, which are complex in large organizations.

So why do you think Marjory will be able to remove these obstacles?

From my experience as a consultant in large organizations, I am convinced that the Marjory tool can facilitate, fluidify, simplify, and accelerate projects, especially in the POC (proof of concept) and MVP (minimum viable product) phases

Why did you choose to work at Marjory?

Firstly, because I was convinced by the product from the start. Secondly, to be able to work alongside recognised experts, with whom I have had the opportunity to work with in my previous experiences

What do you find most satisfying about your work at Marjory?

Despite starting out in the middle of a health crisis, I really feel the passion within the company. Moreover, it is a global company where resources are distributed all over the world, so it is a very interesting multicultural environment.

How do you see your job in 3 years?

I see Marjory as a must-have solution on the market, and I see us being overwhelmed by all of the licensing contracts and setup projects we’ll be doing!

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