Speaking with Emmanuel,  VP of Engineering at Marjory

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Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I am Emmanuel Barbosa, I am 34 years old and I joined Marjory as VP of Engineering. I am of course interested in new technologies, but I also like movies, especially science fiction, and road trips. 

A few words about your professional background?

I have more than 10 years of experience in the digital environment, mainly e-commerce & marketplace.

After starting my career as a web developer, I quickly evolved to management roles and transversal team leadership, through the implementation of agile practices. 

Can you give some examples of  projects you have been involved in?

I’ve been lucky enough to work in some of the best B2C and B2B marketplaces. First as Application Manager of the FNAC marketplace, then as IT Director of Astore Shop, the B2B shopping marketplace of the Accor group.

In both cases, these high-traffic marketplaces were deployed internationally, and generated sales of several hundred million euros per year.

I imagine that in these projects you had to overcome obstacles. Which ones?

Certainly! Among these difficulties, I am thinking in particular of the alignment between the business needs and the technical solutions to be implemented. For an end-user to be satisfied, the technical teams who implement the solutions must have a complete understanding of their needs. Unfortunately, this is often not the case: the processes and the global vision are often diluted through the different design phases.

Dealing with a tight time-to-market has also been a real challenge: implementing proven technical solutions, especially in custom development, still often requires a lot of time. Too long for organizations that need to see their projects through quickly to meet ever higher consumer expectations. 

So why do you think Marjory will be able to remove these obstacles?

It is precisely because of these two points that Marjory brings value! Our goal is to accelerate digital projects by offering a solution that facilitates the modeling of business processes and transforms them into executable technical processes.

In addition, the cloud and SaaS applications have made it possible to provide organizations with solutions to quickly put in place all the necessary building blocks for an E-commerce marketplace IS. However, these organizations are often left with the complexity of interfacing these building blocks with each other or with their legacy base.  This is also where Marjory, by positioning itself as an iPaaS, helps to overcome these difficulties. 

Why did you choose to come and work at Marjory?

I chose to join Marjory because I want to continue to innovate for the e-commerce and marketplace environments. Here, we build a unique solution, bringing real added value for our customers and are at the cutting edge of technology. 

What do you find most satisfying about your work at Marjory?

I would have to say the Marjonautes themselves! I am lucky to have joined a community of experts, passionate about marketplaces just like me. Innovation and benevolence are at the heart of Marjory’s values. It’s a really stimulating environment!

How do you see your job in 3 years?

My goal is to develop Marjory’s teams and make our solutions a reference in the market. One thing is for sure, in three years, we will be able to celebrate the success of the many companies that have chosen to trust us! There is so much to do with Marjory… I hope these next 3 years will pass in a flash!

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