Speaking with Camille, HR & Office Manager 

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Can you briefly intrduce yourself? 

My name is Camille and I am 21 years old. After a DUT in Business Management and Administration (GEA), I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA). I joined the Marjory team in July as an Assistant HRM Office Manager.

How did your recruitment at Marjory go?

It all started on LinkedIn! I was looking for a work-study program and asked my network if they knew where to find a company for an apprenticeship contract in September. My former employer highly recommended me and his feedback appeared on the news feed of Kamel, Marjory’s CEO. Kamel contacted me to introduce me to MARJORY. The timing was right, there was an opening as Assistant HR Office Manager. 

I learned more about the company via the website, YouTube channel and LinkedIn page. I wanted to better understand the ecosystem and see where  Marjory fit within it. 

I then contacted Kamel again so that we could discuss what I had discovered. I was able to ask him all the questions I had and I also explained what I could bring to Marjory as an apprentice.

During these exchanges, I really liked his benevolence: he was always trying to reassure and show me how I could develop throughout this new experience.

Following this interview, Kamel offered me a day of immersion in the Lille office, so that I could meet the team and familiarize myself with the company’s culture. It was during this day that I realized that my experience was going to be unique: my future colleagues welcomed me warmly, the day was spent in a very good atmosphere (without neglecting the working moments) and I was able to complete the list of missions that Kamel had given me.  

During the day, and in order to challenge myself, Kamel asked me to organize Marjory’s deconfinement seminar: he gave me the guidelines and I took care of the booking and the schedule. I liked this approach very much, where you could already see the trust he was giving me. Having spoken to friends, I couldn’t think of any who had had the opportunity to organize a seminar during their recruitment phase!

At the end of the day, I went back to Kamel to explain what I had thought of the company, the organization of the seminar, the team… He offered me the job and I accepted with a big YES. 

What I liked about this recruitment was the trust and the benevolence. These are really the two words that I remember to describe my hiring experience at Marjory. At no time did I feel stressed or uncomfortable. And that’s thanks to Kamel and the team. The idea of organizing the seminar is great, it allowed us to show our skills. It’s good to see that recruiters are shaking up traditional recruitment.

What about your debut at Marjory? 

Marjory is really a Team with a capital T. From the beginning, all of my colleagues made sure that I was well integrated, that I felt good at work and that there was always a positive atmosphere. 

My work-study status has in no way changed my colleagues’ view of my work and I am regularly asked by the directors to carry out an assignment or give my opinion, which allows me to develop and progress day after day. 

To sum up, I am living an exceptional human and professional experience!

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