Reconomia: The use of data integration in marketplace creation

Customer Story
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When we think of marketplaces, we often think of giants, such as Amazon or Ebay. However, some companies have decided to opt for a more virtuous trade based on short circuits. This is what led Electro Dépôt group to create Reconomia, a Marketplace for reconditioned products. Marjory was tasked with the job of creating a data integration platform for Reconomia.

The Reconomia Marketplace : an ambitious project

With a desire to offer an ecosystem dedicated to small-scale repairers, the Electro Dépôt group was naturally interested in marketplaces. This business model makes it possible to bring together repairers and buyers of refurbished products. This is how Reconomia was born.

Reconomia is a circular economy marketplace based on local repairers. The value of the platform’s customer promise is achieved through the proximity between the defective product, the repairer and the customer. 

The launch of a Marketplace is constrained by operational realities and the Reconomia project had to meet four objectives:

  • Launch a Marketplace within a timeframe of  4 months
  • Introduce repairers e-commerce
  • To meet the specific requirements of refurbished products
  • To have an agile, simple and scalable technical base

To meet its challenges, the Electro Dépôt group called on Marjory’s expertise.

Marjory, the adaptable and innovative solution

Marjory integrates a library of expertise in its solutions, allowing for optimal support of the project and a rapid increase in skills.  Thus, 25 key processes were used to frame the project.

Marjory orchestrated all the flows in record time while facilitating the creation of an onboarding process, the geolocation of the product offers and customer reimbursements. Reconomia also required different VAT management according to the profiles of the sellers.

To solve this, Marjory provided powerful tools and experts to execute the business vision and free the young Marketplace from technical constraints.  The automation of key processes have facilitated the implementation of seller onboarding, KYC management, as well as customer payment and automatic payment of sellers. Marjory automation processes were tailor-made to meet Reconomia’s exact needs and expectations.

“We are very pleased with Marjory’s value proposition and look forward to growing our solution with them.”

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