An SaaS platform to orchestrate your Marketplace and easily add on new services.

Marjory acts as a management platform to help you manage simultaneously your Marketplace framework, your IT system, your organisation and the third-party services you use. With it, launching, growing or expanding your Marketplace internationally becomes easy as pie! Thanks to its low-code interface, services and best practices library modelled as processes, and unique data model it reduces the complexity inherent to this type of project.

Platform benefits

Low Code

A low-code approach makes Marjory easy to use even for people with little to no tech experience, allowing them to allowing them to focus on business and create business-based code.


Unique API

A unique data model that allows each connecting service to it to work easily and instantly with all the others connected services. No more countless APIs; no more negative impacts from third-party providers’ API upgrades.


A best-practice library, modelled as adjustable workflows, with universal connectors for a broad variety of services: payment, financing, logistics, KYC/KYB, CRM, dispute resolutions, etc.

A service library with Marketplaces in mind

Centralised access to services connected to the Marjory API and pre-integrated into Marketplaces processes. Perfect for launching, growing or expanding your Marketplace internationally. Simply choose the service you would like to add (payment, financing, logistics, KYC/KYB, CRM, etc) and set it up in your Marketplace environment in a just few clicks.

An editor to customise your Marketplace processes

A Business Process Management (BPM) tool to easily create or modify processes or workflows, from the most basic ones (seller on-boarding) to more specific ones (quote management, for instance). This is essential for aligning operational and technical teams in your integration project.


A tool to involve collaborators in project execution

Since not all Marketplace business processes can be made 100% automatic, this set of services allows you to define manual tasks that contribute to workflow execution, and to assign roles within your company.

A testing module to ensure seamless workflow execution

Before you make your process live, a testing module allows you to execute it at different levels (organisation, seller, buyer, etc.). Bugs are easily spotted and reported as logs or workflow events. And even once the process is live, this module can be used to identify and correct errors.

A release management module

With Marjory, implementing your processes is easily done, in just a few clicks.This way, you can decide to make new versions of certain processes available to new clients, while allowing existing clients to continue to use older versions. Dashboards allow you to follow your processes’ implementation status and to easily orchestrate the the various services offered by your Marketplace.


Frédéric Choudats

“We wanted to build the product we would have needed in our time as marketplace business operators. Solid technology that works as event management, with a no-code philosophy.”

Frédéric Choudat, CPO, Marjory