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Shiptify is a digital and collaborative transport management platform. It allows shippers to:

  • Gain productivity in transport operations management .
  • Get full and real-time visibility on all transport flows whatever the carrier is.
  • Increase quality of service thanks to better planification and automated KPIs

Shiptify also offers yard management solution including collaborative and dynamic planning and online appointment scheduling for warehouses.

«The partnership between Marjory and the Shiptify transport management platform allows Marketplace operators to benefit from an intuitive and quick to deploy transport management tool. Shiptify is a chartering solution, a transport control tower and a dock management tool. It offers a 360° response to the transport issues of the principals. »

Romain Codron
CEO & Co-founder


Support all modes of transport

Delivery by the road, sea, air, rail, courier or urban delivery. Manage all your flows on one tool.

A super intuitive user experience-centric interface.

Our platform is very easy to use and it will be quickly adopted by your operational teams

A network of 3000 companies already connected

Your carriers, customers or suppliers may already be working with Shiptify. Facilitate your collaboration by joining them in our digital supply chain community

Guarantee of a quick ROI

There is no set up fees. Our 100% variable business model adjusts to your business ensuring a quick ROI.

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Diary of a CTO - The challenges of data integration in SMBs

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