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Mollie is THE payment solution for VSE/SMEs in Europe. Very easy to use, transparent on prices, the solution offers all the most sought-after e-commerce functionalities and the most widely used payment methods in Europe.

With its MARJORY connector, Mollie allows Marketplaces to easily and quickly integrate a payment solution, and combine it with other services.

«The partnership with Marjory makes sense for us. It allows us to provide our clients with all the application systems they need to carry out their daily operations, without having to integrate them directly. »

Axel Jorissen
Channel Manager France


Quick set up

Mollie allows you to create your account and collect your first payment within 15 minutes.

No added costs

There are no set up fee, no subscription fee, no fees applied to wire transferts. We only ask for a commission on successful transactions

Large amount of payment method available

We have more than 25 Europeans payment methods available so we can provide the best user experience to our customers

Recurring payment management

Mollie manages recurring payments and offers One-click payment

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Fill in your details and we will contact you shortly.