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Golem.ai is a ProductBot: an automation solution that adds products in your Marketplace by indexing your product catalog. It incorporates all their technical characteristics and prices. The number of references and characteristics is unlimited. You can update your catalog as often as you like, ProductBot updates daily.

With its Marjory connector, Golem.ai makes it faster and easier to integrate its catalogue management solution for clients.

«Partnering with Marjory means making Marketplaces benefit from the efficiency of our work simplifying AI.»

Celia Doreau
Associate in charge of CSMO


Artificial intelligence without training

It automatically integrates all updates from your catalog without human intervention.

Frugal artificial intelligence

The configuration neither requires any time from your teams nor does it require an additional GDPR declaration.


If you have questions about the reasoning of AI, ProductBot explains its behavior word for word.

No personal data

No personal data will be stored by Golem.ai.

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Diary of a CTO - The challenges of data integration in SMBs

During this event, we will talk about:

🔍 Inquiries that CTOs should be addressing when grappling with data integration intricacies in a cost-effective way.

📈 Best practices for the seamless integration of data volumes.

🚀 Gain insights into top-tier solutions tailored to specific challenges and use cases.

Question & Answer session: Join us to talk about your problematics and get answers by our guest speaker, William Da Cunha, a seasoned CTO at Marjory and an authority on middleware solutions and data integration. 

Do you have a pressing query for William? 🤔 Share it with us at hello@marjory.co, and we will ensure that it receives attention during this Q&A webinar.


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