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Alma is a guaranteed installment payment solution: your customer pays in installments, you get paid right away, and you don’t have to worry about anything. Alma allows you to increase your turnover by an average of 20%. There are no set-up fees, no commitments. And thanks to Marjory, it’s plug and play for your B2C Marketplace. So why not give it a try?

With its Marjory connector, Alma makes it faster and easier to integrate its payment solution, and to combine it with other services.

«While Marjory helps you simplify the launch of your B2C Marketplace, Alma accelerate your business by offering installments payment. C’est simple pour eux et garanti pour vous. »

Retail, Sales & Business Development


Guaranteed payment

Alma offers a multiple times payment guaranteed

Increase of your turnover

Increase your turnover of about 20% (in average)

Unique buying experience

Unique buying experience for installments payment

Maximum conversion rate

Alma allows you to get a maximum conversion rate, thanks to multiple time payment

No commitent

Using Alma is No commitent, no subscription, no setup fee

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