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Yousign is a European solution, existing since 2013, which aims to reinvent the experience around the electronic signature. Yousign is recognised as a certifying authority and is listed as a trusted provider by the European Commission. Yousign is part of the new generation solutions, offering an application and an API that are easier to use, very simple to integrate with tailor-made support. Approve, close, and sign the documents you need to drive your business.

With its Marjory connector, YouSign makes it faster and easier to integrate its electronic signature solution into clients’ workflows.

Marjory allowd Yousign to enter on the Marketplace market and offer a signing solution easily integrated in Marjory customers’ workflow. Yousign is therefore positioned as an easily integrated brick
Lucie Greiveldinger
Alliance Manager, Yousign

Les atouts de Yousign

Trusted third party certified and qualified at European level

From a legal point of view, Yousign is a trusted third party certified and qualified at European level. Yousign is part of European Commission trusted list. We are also approaching legal authorities, for example the CSN, which referred us, to support notaries in the digital transformation.

Compliance with European laws

Yousign is an European spirit. By the capital, which is Franco-Belgian and in majority held by the founders, by the offices but especially for the data processing. Yousign’s data is processed and stored in Europe, which avoids interference from the American authorities. They comply with European rules with a strict interpretation of the texts (Eidas, GDPR, …)

Support & Advice

The Yousign approach is a customer centric approach. We self-impose a duty of advice more than a duty of sale. We support our customers on the electronic signature and its possibilities. We support our customers from their questions to the adoption if necessary of the electronic signature

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