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Ubble offers a remote identity verification service, that is easy to use and as reliable as a face-to-face.“Easy to use” thanks to an interactive and optimized UX, available both on mobile and desktop. User conversion rate exceeds 90%.“As reliable as a face-to-face” thanks to the taking of videos of the identity document and of the face of the user, not photos. Ubble’s fraud experts, backed by algorithms, can then verify the presence of holograms, the plasticity and rigidity of the document as well as iridescent inks.

With its Marjory connector, Ubble.ai makes it faster and easier to integrate its identity check solution for clients’ KYC due diligence.

The alliance between ubble and Marjory offers Marketplace operators a turnkey identity verification solution, fully integrated into their business workflows. Relying on its own fraud experts, backed by algorithms, ubble verifies your users’ identity, while Marjory’s connectors allow you to link responses and extracted data to your back office.
Juliette Delanoë
Co-founder, Ubble

Les atouts de Ubble

Unparalleled user experience

  • 1 minute to carry out an identity check thanks to video streaming, guided by artificial intelligence
  • 10 times less failed checks than with photo upload solutions, thanks to the taking of 20 images/second

The most effective solution to combat fraud

  •  A hybrid model combining the precision of the algorithms and the experience of the fraud experts, allowing a reliability equivalent to a face-to-face meeting.
  •  The use of video, the only way to ensure the authenticity of a document by detecting photocopies, photoshopped prints and screenshots since holograms, plasticity and rigidity of the document can be checked

A support to operation teams facing volume increases

  •  End-to-end management of identity verification with a complete and definitive answer on each verification - and not a scoring to be analysed
  •  Reliable Single Source of Truth for your back-office by extracting data from the identity document

A universal solution

  •  Compatible in mobile and web solutions: a device with a camera and an internet connection is sufficient
  •  2500+ documents from 196+ countries are accepted
  • A framework that complies with European regulations
  •  Compliance with the principle of “privacy by design” of GDPR

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