Jana Pullova, Product Owner

We know our B2B payment terms solution is a game changer for Marketplaces, and we want it to be available to as many operators as possible. Thanks to Marjory, the integration of our product only takes a couple of days, and our energy is spent doing what matters: serving our clients’ needs

TERMS.Tech is the missing payment piece for B2B Marketplaces. We offer extended payment terms to buyers at the time of purchase, while guaranteeing fast payment to sellers and the collection of Marketplace fees. This added service allows companies to better manage their cashflow, and gives a signifcant competitive advantage to Marketplace operators, while increasing their turnover.


With its Marjory connector, TERMS.Tech makes it faster and easier to integrate its credit solution for B2B payments.

Benefit 1: Easy UX

TERMS.Tech works as a payment service provider witch is smoothly integrated into the customer journey.

Benefit 2: Unique selling point

TERMS.Tech extends credit to buyers and offers faster payment to sellers on your Marketplace, helping you stand out and grow sales volumes.

Benefit 3: Security at its core

TERMS.Tech conducts KYC/KYB due diligence on buyers and guarantees your Marketplace fees are paid immediately after goods delivery

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