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Revers.io is the return management tool for your Marketplace.

Thanks to our selfcare return portal, you will offer to your customers a seamless return experience on your Marketplace that will integrates your return business rules and your merchants specificities. The backoffice allows you to monitor all the returns & after-sales requests of your merchants.

ROI is immediate: we reduce the time spent on managing returns (for your customer service team and for your merchants) while providing your customers with the best return experience on the market.

Thanks to its Marjory connector, Revers.io helps Marketplaces to centralize products’ return.

Thanks to our universal connector in Marjory, we can now offer our return portal technology to all marketplace operators in order and improve customer experience.
Paul Bello
Sales Director, Revers.io

Les atouts de Revers.io

A selfcare return portal

We allow the customer to do a return request in a few clicks, to generate his return label addressed to the correct merchant and to receive an email notification at each important steps of his return.

An operational backoffice

An operational backoffice (for your team and your merchants) allowing you to monitor your returns, speed up the return process, and be alerted at each problem between a customer and a seller before the customer complains.

Datas allows you to know your return rate

Powerful data about your returns allowing you to know exactly your return rate by product, category, merchants in order to improve the shopping experience on your marketplace

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