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«Marjory x Paysurf is the winning combo to support you efficiently and clearly in the creation and development of your Marketplace. Paysurf integrates Marjory’s ecosystem and offers with all partners a unique and new offer. »

Eric Dangreaux
Sales Managers


A complete and dedicated payment platform

Paysurf’s platform offers a tailored solution. Payments can be securely processed for Marketplaces’ needs, from third-party receipts until redistributions to different sellers.

A team of experts

Our IT, KYC, supports, project and senior sales teams have multiple years of experiences in the banking and retail sector. We have a local presence with our CIC and Credit Mutuel teams.

In compliance with the regulations and highly secured

With Paysurf, Marketplaces are compliant with European regulations. Paysurf hosts 100% data securely in France.

The strength of a large corporation

Security, durability and serenity are the 3 Paysurf’s assets with its integration of a large banking corporation leader in France : the Credit Mutuel Alliance Federale.

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Why is orchestration key in B2B payments?

Join our webinar

Marjory invites you to the webinar “Why is orchestration key in B2B payments?”, presented by Marie Wattrelot, Client Success Manager.

The webinar will feature the Lyreco case study, the European leader and the third-largest distributor of B2B retail office equipment and supplies in the World. Antoine Malard, Marketplace Product Owner at Lyreco will be our special guest.

You will learn the role of an orchestrator and how to manage the different events in a B2B order lifecycle.