Martin Colomb, CMO

“As Marjory is the solution to ease the creation and the evolution of Marketplaces and as MiTrust is the solution which fluidifies the various KYC / KYB processes of the e-business, it was quite natural to join our two approaches”

MiTrust is a trusted intermediary for sharing personal and professional data online. Our mission is to respond to the frictions encountered in the KYC / KYB processes:
  • The abandonment of merchants due to an overly heavy process
  • Cancellation of orders
  • Deadlines and iterations for obtaining a complete and eligible file
  • Data processing times from PSP
  • Fight against fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing

With its Marjory connector, Mi Trust makes it faster and easier to integrate its solution to facilitate KYC/KYB processes.

Benefit 1: Reduced user abandonment rate


– Ease of file creation: the user experience is optimized thanks to a simpler, faster and 100% online journey

– Reduction in validation time: the data collected is reliable and eligible, the user account is thus instantly validated

Benefit 2: Reduction of tasks with low added value


No more verification or manual re-entry: the data collected is sent directly to its own format in your back end and / or that of your PSP

Benefit 3: Increase in acceptance rate by PSP

– Immediate validation of files: the data collected meet all the criteria of PSP in terms of reliability and eligibility of data
– Reduced risk of fraud: data comes in real time from reliable, up-to-date and eligible sources, and cannot be altered by the user

Benefit 4: GDPR and positive ecological impact


MiTrust applies key principles of the GDPR, particularly in terms of data minimization. Thus, the weight of databases is considerably reduced with a positive impact in terms of environment and data protection

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