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With its Marjory connector, Kantox makes it faster and easier to integrate its currency management and FX risk management solution for clients.

Use currencies as competitive leverage by internationalising your Marketplace.
John Macaigne
Senior FX Specialist, Kantox

Les atouts de Kantox

User experience

Improve user experience allowing your sellers and your buyers to work in their own currencies

Competitivity improvement

Gain competitivity eliminating mark-ups used by merchants when they have to sell a price in a different currency than theirs.

Price fixing

Keep control on price fixing and currencies displayed on your platform and optimize your competitivity or profitability.

Automated risk of change management

Automate risk of change management by covering in real time your currency exposure. Your margin and sellers incomes are protected against exchange rate fluctuations

Operational process automation

Help your teams by automating conversion operations and international payments

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