Célia Doreau, Associate in charge of CSMO

Partnering with Marjory means making Marketplaces benefit from the efficiency of our work simplifying AI.

Golem.ai is a ProductBot: an automation solution that adds products in your Marketplace by indexing your product catalog. It incorporates all their technical characteristics and prices. The number of references and characteristics is unlimited. You can update your catalog as often as you like, ProductBot updates daily.

With its Marjory connector, Golem.ai makes it faster and easier to integrate its catalogue management solution for clients.

Benefit 1: Artificial intelligence without training


It automatically integrates all updates from your catalog without human intervention.

Benefit 2: Frugal artificial intelligence


The configuration neither requires any time from your teams nor does it require an additional GDPR declaration.

Benefit 3: Explainable


If you have questions about the reasoning of AI, ProductBot explains its behavior word for word.

Benefit 4: No personal data


No personal data will be stored by Golem.ai.

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