Julien Leroy, Business Developer

“Allow Marjory’s customers to use an integrated virtual card solution to pay their suppliers.”

Our Virtual Card solution is available in 2 versions: a manual one (through a web portal) and automatic (API) and allows you to create unlimited cards available on Mastercard network. This is a very secure and efficient way to pay your suppliers.

With its Marjory connector, Edenred makes it faster and easier to integrate its innovative payment solution with integrated virtual card issuance.

Benefit 1: Speed


Edenred is a quick solution to set up

Benefit 2: Free


There are no set up fee, no contribution and no added cost when you pay with foreign currency

Benefit 3: Unlimited


You can generate an unlimited number of virtual payment card B2B

Benefit 4: Outgoing SEPA wire transfert


Edenred allows to manage outgoing SEPA wire tranfert

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